Update about Nicaragua from Monica

Good morning!


I received word recently from Lolo that the rescue center in Nicaragua has made use of some of the funds which everyone had so generously provided back in March and April of this year.

Two of the projects that the funds were used for were buying the materials to build an extension for Pipo the chimpanzee’s enclosure, as well as to build larger structures in which the white-faced capuchin monkey could be housed.

I am sharing some photos, which Lolo himself excitedly shared with me in his email.  Though they are not as large as the spider monkey enclosure, remember that before, the capuchins were kept in cages that are meant for birds.  These housing structures provide ample lighting and much more space to climb for the capuchins.  They have lots of room to socialize, play, and groom one another.  These interim enclosures are much better suited for the monkeys to adapt themselves for life in the forest again.

Currently the project is evaluating an island in Lake Nicaragua to become the new habitat for the monkeys.  The island will provide nesting material and has a forest for the capuchins.  They will still rely on food provisioning from time to time, but in all other aspects, they will be entirely free once more.

IMG_3047This interim enclosure will help them prepare for their new lives.  When Lolo and his friends move away from the rescue center and onto the island, these enclosures will be used over and over again to provide housing for the countless monkeys who are victims of the wildlife pet trade, and who find themselves at the center.

Lolo says he is having fun with all of his new friends and says to tell you all “hi.”

My deepest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, guided by a quiet but persistent little tug at their hearts, and lit by the reminder that we are all connected, always.

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Who is Lolo? update….

Hello everyone,

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since Lolo’s last entry.  I apologize.  As he is becoming more like a monkey and less humanized, he actually forgot how to write. 😉

No, really, though, I have been in transit the last few weeks.  I want to apologize for taking so long to update.  As for the fundraiser, the funds are unfortunately still tied up at, but we expect to have them in the Rescue Center’s bank account by the start of May.  Construction will hopefully begin soon after.

I want to thank everyone who donated to the campaign.  Your support is immeasurable.  Though I am currently not in Nicaragua, I am in touch with the Rescue Center on a regular basis and will be posting pictures when construction starts.

Many thanks, again and again.


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A Note from Monica

DSC_0907In the week that we were away from Granada, at least 3 new animals arrived to the rescue center: a monkey, a fox, and a pizote. (The pizote is pictured here. He was kept on a harness for so long and so tightly that he grew into it. He no longer grows fur where the harness was because his skin has calloused, probably from the wounds caused by the tightness.) That means 3 living creatures were taken from their homes; 3 lives were shaped differently from the beautiful existence nature provides for forest animals – all because their paths crossed with humans.

In this very moment, I cannot fathom why this happens. If it is karmic, I am writing off karma from my belief system. Since I was a child, I did not see a difference between the life contained in a human body and the life contained within a non-human body. I am not claiming that I have not caused suffering by actions I have made during my life. I am not St. Francis or Snow White. But this fate for animals that I have witnessed in my life, here in Nicaragua, in Africa, and other places, as well: taken from their homes, stolen from their mothers, chained, beaten, scarred, starved….

They have a corporal and sentient awareness just as we do.
If you do not believe that, then our conversation ends here and I will meet you again if you are mistreating a living creature – non-human or human.

That we ignore or sit by when we see mistreatment, writing it off as somehow a necessary part of another DSC_0905creature’s path for them to learn something or to pay some karmic debt, and thus we neglect the opportunity to lend a helping hand… Well then, this shows a gross lack in our own growth, a missed opportunity to expand our own hearts. If we cannot collectively learn how to respect non human-animals, we will not progress. Our own growth will be stunted by how pathetically we have fallen short.

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Monkey time!

Hey everyone!! Check out some of my monkey friends who live at the rescue center!!!! 🙂

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My Raccoon Friends :)

Here are a couple more of my neighbors who live at the rescue center. So many! Help a brother out! 🙂

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A fox without a forest.

Hey guys, it’s Lolo again! Meet one of my many friends who lives at the rescue center… He is a grey fox. Known here in Nicaragua as a Gato Ostoche.

Hahah. Gato means cat in Spanish. But he is a canine. So…. don’t tell him. 🙂

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Construction Day with CO2Bambu

DSC_0080From Monica:

Our friends Peta and Ben have been Granada residents for many years.  They have been extremely kind and supportive with Lolo, from the very day we took him to the rescue center. They came with me in a cab (thank goodness, because due to a slip, I didn’t leave Lolo at the rescue center that first night and needed a place to stay – with a monkey on my head).  Since that day, they have not only supported the Lolo cause, but have consistently taken me into their home, shared their music, the food, and their kindness.

And they don’t stop there!  Ben and Peta own a sustainable bamboo construction company here in Nicaragua – DSC_0209 CO2Bambu.  Yesterday, the entire staff of CO2Bambu turned out full-forced to construct climbing structures and sleeping platforms to outfit the smaller monkey cages.  If we can’t give them space right away, at least we can give  them a little tree in their cages.

Here are some photos from our workday yesterday.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Peta and Ben.  I will always keep your generosity in my heart.













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